Less is more

MegaPot has been designed for growers who want the benefits of a gravity fed system but prefer growing in larger pots.

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Introducing The Megapot

The MegaPot system allows growers to use 56L pots to achieve bigger yields with fewer plants. The innovative design and intuitive features mean that with MegaPot , less is more!


In most hydroponics systems the roots are directly suspended in nutrient-rich and perfectly pH-balanced water. With MegaPot , that’s not the case. The roots are suspended in coco or soil and the system has a base which supports your plant whilst giving you a safety net and making it easier to grow.

Bare in mind, each plant is different (and some can be picky) when it comes to the ideal growing conditions, so do your research before you get set up. One thing is true, MegaPot guarantees bigger yields with fewer plants.

Features of the MegaPot system include:

  • Gravity fed no electricity needed!
  • 500mm diameter base to fit 56L fabric pots!
  • ½” White reflective pipe with black inner core to reduce temperatures and stop light penetration!
  • Mega-Valve with a massive 10mm inlet hole to prevent any blockages!
  • 10mm raised base with channels specifically designed gripair curtains!
  • Allows nutrients to be oxygenated at all times and gives the plant a boost!
  • Scalable from a single pot to 100’s of modules!
  • Circular design allows for the plant to be turned!
  • Tapered side walls allow for complete root pruning!
  • The best hydroponics system on the market
Mega Pot Top Down Photo
Mega Pot Top Side Photo

Mega Deep

15mm/5” from base to rim.

Air Curtain Channels

10mm channels to grip and hold air curtains to super-oxygenate the root zone.

Raised Base

10mm raised areas to allow nutrients to run underneath the pot.

Mega Valve

10mm inlet hole to prevent blockages. Pre-set to allow 30mm of nutrient solution into the tray.

Mega Tray

50cm Base to fit 56ltr pots.

MEGAPOT MODULE FOOTPRINT = 66cm x 58cm x 12.5cm

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