What Is The Normal pH Level For Your Hydroponic Reservoir

When it comes to understanding the innerworkings of your hydroponic system, the pH is one of the areas you need to have an indepth knowledge of. This is because it can affect the plants as well as the nutrients in which you use. At MEGAPot we are experienced hydroponic experts with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. In this article we explore what is the normal pH level for your hydroponic reservoir. 

Why Is pH Is Important 

Understanding why specific pH levels are required and how to control them can have a big effect on the difference between success and failure during growing. The right pH level will have a profound effect on availability of nutrients into the plant itself. Without the nutrients it requires, it may create less growth or more deficiencies within the plant. 

The understanding of growing hydroponically will also help you to understand the differences between this growing method and also growing in soil. Without the use of soil, plants do not benefit from any of the microorganisms, organic matter or interactions with water and minerals so ensuring that a regular pH is maintained is very important.

Typical pH Ranges For Crops 

There are some exceptions but the range of pH for hydroponically grown crops is between 5.5 and 6. The pH will be dependent on the specific formula that is being used by the grower however. Specific nutrients are required in order for plants to have successful uptake. Understanding what your plants require is therefore very important to success.

Typical pH Ranges For Nutrient Systems 

Most hydroponic nutrient products will usually start around 5.5-6 on a pH scale. The levels however will be depedant on the specific formula that is being used. Specific nutrients can require varying pH levels in order for the plant to take them in. The wrong pH level therefore can result in plants either not taking in enough, or potentially too many nutrients.

Why pH Levels Change In Hydroponic Systems 

There are many factors that can cause a pH level to change within your hydroponic system. You may find that onces a nutrient solution drops below one gallon it can become increasingly more concentrated meaning a fluctuation in pH levels. Therefore more monitoring is required. 

The main types of affectors tends to be algae or bacteria. These are prevalent in most systems and are classed as organic matter. A quick tip, if you find that your pH levels rise in the morning and drop later in the day this could be due to algae. If it is root disease you may see a dramatic drop in pH levels as well.

How To Maintain The Right Levels 

In order to maintain the right pH levels you need to ensure that you are conducting regular tests. This is performed either by liquid test kits, or a more basic strip test. Both will have an indicator to where the pH is sitting be that in the crop itself or the nutrient solution. It is advised to test regularly or even daily as there is a chance the levels can change as explained in the point above. 

To control the pH there are many avenues you can explore. The most simplified are the pH up or pH down solutions which are readily made. These can be mixed into the nutrient solution or crops to return everything back to its normal levels. One of the other areas to consider are automatic pH controllers. These work especially well with recirculating systems as they can work all day without the need for regular testing.

Benefits Of Measuring pH

The pH of your plants will be a contributing factor to the environment in which it grows in. Providing your plants with the correct nutrients will allow them to grow bigger and stronger in order to survive like they should. As hydroponically grown plants do not use soil as a contributor to growth, it is therefore the job of the grower to ensure all plants and crops get what they require.

To Conclude

When it comes to looking at what is the normal pH level for your Hydroponic Reservoir you need to consider many factors. Understanding the plants you are growing as well as the nutrients you are using will help to best apply the right levels to ensure plant and crop growth. For more information on systems, nutrients and other elements of MEGAPot then please do Contact Us.