5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using MEGAPot

At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing specialists with a real passion for our industry. Over the years we have seen how hydroponic growing has really helped many growers produce better crops and plants. This is why we embarked on the mission to make our own system. We have taken the best parts of the most popular hydroponic system but added components to overall improve it. After a lot of success we decided to put together our latest article around the 5 reasons why you should be using MEGAPot.

What Is Hydroponics 

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants and crops without the use of soil. Instead soil is replaced with a growth medium as well as a system in which it is grown in. The system dictates how nutrients are delivered but overall nutrient control is much improved. As far as growing methods go it has become vastly popular with many people adopting it as their preferred.

What Is MEGAPot

The revolutionary system that MEGAPot have developed utilised the use of gravity and inert growth mediums to help you enhance your yields. Our system has been designed with the hydroponic growler in mind. We have developed a system which allows the roots of the plants to have a better chance to take in nutrients in which are being delivered. As well as giving better access to oxygen which is essential for proper growth.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using MEGAPot

Now you understand what bot hydroponics and MEGAPot is then you are now ready to see why you should be using our system. From our vast amount of experience in industry, we have taken the best parts of a popular system and added in our components to only make it better. The 5 reasons why you should be using MEGAPot are as follows:-

Helps Produce Bigger Yields 

A gravity fed system is one of the most effective and commonly used hydroponic systems there is on the market today. What we have done at MEGAPot is take the best of this system and also add in various elements which make it better and easier to use. The components in which we utilise as well as their quality ensure that maximum focus is put on the growing phase of the plants and crops. Which is proven to help produce bigger yields.

Efficient In Water And Electricity 

As with most hydroponic systems, the MEGAPot system utilises a tray for the grow bags. This also catches any left over nutrients which are not used by the plants and crops themselves. These nutrients are then able to be retested in terms of pH and recirculated back the system as an when needed. This creates efficiency in the water which is used within nutrients as well as the nutrients themselves.

As with the efficiency in water, there is also efficiency in electricity. This comes from the fact that no electricity is used at all. Saving a lot of money for the grower themselves. 

Good For Beginners And Intermediates 

Our MEGAPot system has been designed to have the beginner and intermediate grower in mind. Our easy to construct system makes it perfect for those that are new into the world of hydroponic growing. However, also producing maximum yields which are more relatable to the intermediate grower. Whatever your level, with some research and knowledge of what you are growing we can most definitely help produce better plants and crops.

Space Saving 

With such limited components needed our system is great for those that do not have a large space in which to grow in. The beauty of hydroponics is the fact that it is possible for the grower to utilise inside and outdoor growing elements. So whatever you choose, our system can be effective in both.

Scalable If Needs Be

Whether it’s 1 grow bag you require or 10, our system can be scaled very easily with the use of longer piping and more trays for the bags to sit within. This is perfect for those who are new to starting hydroponic growing, or those that are more experienced with a lot of space. Most growers tend to change what they grow from time to time, so if you require a larger system this can be done easily. 

To Conclude

Hydroponics are the way of the future with numerous benefits attached. As you can see from the 5 reasons why we should be using MEGAPot our revolutionary system is improving the industry step by step. By ensuring that we have catered to the beginners as well as intermediate growers our system has seen great success. For more information on our system and also the products we sell please do Contact Us.