Indoor vs Outdoor Hydroponic Growing

The use of hydroponics is growing and does not look like it is going to stop. The main question for most is should I utilise it indoors or outdoors. Both come with a very unique set of benefits which should be carefully looked at to decide what is best for you. At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing experts. In our latest article we take a look at Indoor vs Outdoor hydroponic growing.

Growing Outdoors With Hydroponics

Firstly in our guide to deciding if you should choose indoor or outdoor growing we will look at the pros of growing outdoors. For most this may be your preferred method, and we will look at some of the benefits attached. These include the following:-

Ultimate Grow Light 

You cannot get a better light source than the sun, which is something outdoor growing methods most definitely can utilise. There is now no need for expensive lights, or the need to worry about where light is going to come from. The sun also delivers a full spectrum of light which can be very beneficial to your plants during the growth phase. 

More Work Space

Naturally growing outside is going to give you more potential space in which to use. Compared to growing in your garage, loft or even spare room, a garden or designated allotment is definitely going to help. This means you are able to scale up or grow even more to begin with.

Reduced System Build Costs 

A seasoned expert in the world of hydroponics will know that a new system is not a cheap investment. This is due to needing various light fittings, ventilation fans and a variety of add ons if you are growing indoors. However growing outside you are not going to need a lot of these elements. Mother nature is definitely on your side and can aid in a lot of these areas.

No Need For Manual Pollination

Some plants and crops that are being grown indoors need to be pollinated, so with a lack of plants indoors this needs to be done manually. However, outside the grower will find more insects allow pollen to be transferred around easier. Not to mention when the time is right, bees will be abundance.

Growing Indoors With Hydroponics 

Now we have taken a look at growing outdoors we will now look closely at the reasons you should consider indoor growing. Indoor growing is very popular with a range of growers especially those that are new to the way in which this method works. Some of the pros associated include the following:-

Full Control Of Nutrient Delivery 

The pH levels of your nutrients can have a really key effect on how well they grow and develop. Growing indoors helps to make sure that nothing will affect this pH level whilst it is being circulated around your system. Controlling how much and also how often are other benefits in which you sometimes cannot control with outdoor growing.

Protection From The Elements 

Growing indoors takes away the need to worry about the winter freezing your crops or even the summer drying it out too much. By growing indoors you have full control over the growing of your plants and crops. To what extent is going to be dependent on how much you are willing to invest into all of the latest equipment. But it is definitely advised if you are looking to grow all year round.

No Pesticides Needed 

With no outdoor exposure and the use of no soil there is no need to use pesticides. This is down to the fact there is a zero to no chance that pests or diseases will be able to infect your crops. To limit this further ensure that you carry out regular cleaning and maintenance as well as sterilize the area in which you are growing in.

Better Overall Control 

To summarise the points above growing indoors gives you a better level of control when growing your plants and crops. By being indoors it limits any factors that may affect how well your plants and crops can grow. Having a better control level should also mean that you are able to produce better yields time and time again.

How To Decide

Deciding whether to grow indoors or outdoors with the use of hydroponics is going to be completely down to the individual and what they are looking to achieve. Looking at the pros and cons of both is going to be the best place to start. It is also going to be worth looking at the system which you are using as well as what you are looking to grow. These are both going to be big considerations when choosing indoors or outdoors.

To Conclude

Indoor vs Outdoor hydroponic growing is a debate that has been going on for many years. Deciding what is best will be down to personal preference as well as looking at the pros of each as listed above. Regardless of what you decide, hydroponics is a popular method which no one can deny. The benefits it brings are also very clear to see. At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing specialists with a keen focus on improving growers yields. For more information on our products and services please do Contact Us.