What Products Make Up A MEGAPot System

The world of hydroponics is vast, with more and more options being apparent when it comes to systems and growth mediums. However, at MEGAPot we have created a truly revolutionary hydroponic system that ensures when done correctly our users experience maximum yields. This is delivered through our expert knowledge of the industry, and appreciation from a grower’s perspective. To further enhance this, in our latest article we take an indepth look at what products make up a MEGAPot system.

What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of growing crops and plants without the use of soil. Instead the growing process involves a growth medium which allows the roots of the plant to spread further than they would normally. To house this growth medium, you will also utilise a system which also dictates how the nutrients are delivered to your plants. This growing method is increasing in popularity due to its efficiency and also ease of use.

What Is MEGAPot?

The MEGAPot system is a revolutionary design that encapsulates the best of a gravity based system but allows the growers to be fully focused on the growing phase. With the use of growth mediums, our system has been proven to maximise potential yield growth over time. Our system allows the roots of a plant to grow more freely than ever before, as well as being fed as needs be. 

What Makes Up The System?

At MEGAPot we have created a unique system that is easy to construct and also operate regardless of the skill level of the grower. This therefore allows us to appeal to multiple areas of the hydroponics world. The following products make up a MEGAPot system:-

MEGAPot Module

The MEGAPot module is the perfect accessory for those utilising grow pots. The module is designed for the fabric pots also utilised within this system. By allowing the bag to sit in this module, it acts like a tray which catches any excess water and nutrients. This is what makes the MEGAPot system so efficient is that these nutrients can be then drained off and reused again within the system. Ensure to test the pH levels of these nutrients beforehand however.

Fabric Pot 

The fabric pot is ideal for those that are looking to grow crops be that indoors or outdoors. The fabric nature of this pot ensures that the roots of the plants/crops are able to develop and grow as they need be. By not constricting the roots you can ensure that they are able to take on all of the nutrients in which they require. 

The second reason why we utilise a fabric pot, is to ensure that nutrients and water are able to move as freely as they need. This ensures that plants are not saturated or drowned by water or nutrients as they are freely able to pass out of the pot and into the MEGAPot module. This helps to create that efficiency in which we mentioned briefly in the point above.

White Pipe

White pipe is used so that you are able to set up an indoor irrigation system. This is used more specifically for those growing outside as it does not attract the sun so therefore ensures water and nutrients passing through are not affected. The in-house irrigation system is key to ensure that water and nutrients are firstly passed into the plants and crops as needed, but also that extra nutrients and water can be drained away to be used once again.

MEGAPot Valve 

The MEGAPot valve is used to control the flow of water and nutrients within the system. This is key to ensure that plants and crops do not find themselves receiving too much, or even too little during the growing phase. Too many nutrients and water can mean plants are effectively drowned. Not enough means they are under nourished so could hamper progress. Ensuring that you have an effective valve is therefore key to our system set up.

To Conclude

As you can see a MEGAPot system has been designed to work with the grower in mind and ensure that with care and attention you are able to achieve maximum yields. Deciding what products make up a MEGAPot system is easy, and we have done this to ensure that beginner to intermediate growers are able to use it. Our system has been benefiting customers growing a variety of plants and crops. For more information on our products, system and also system set up then please feel free to Contact Us.