What Is MEGAPot?

The MEGAPot system is changing the way in which hydroponic growers utilise the systems on the market. Our system has been designed to ensure that we take the best of the usual gravity fed system and combine various other elements to improve its overall usage. MEGAPot has a number of years experience in the industry supplying a number of products to various clients. In our latest article we look closely at what is MEGAPot.

What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a growing method that allows users to not utilise soil during their process. Instead this process is replaced with growing mediums, and also uses a system which helps to deliver nutrients to the plants. As well as allowing the plants a stable place to grow. Hydroponic growing also has the advantage of taking place either indoors or outdoors, so you can have full control over the elements.

What Makes Up The System?

The MEGAPot system unlike some counterparts is made up of a few basic components. This makes it easier for beginner growers and also intermediate growers to use the system itself. Also, by only using a few components it can help to be space saving, as well as more financially viable for users. Some of the other features of this system include the following:-

  • Gravity fed so no need for electricity 
  • 5000mm diameter base to fit 56L fabric pots so perfect room for growing 
  • MEGA-Valve helps to prevent any blockages 
  • Allows nutrients to be oxygenated at all times and gives the plant a boost
  • Easily scalable 
  • Circular design allow for the plant to be turned 
  • The best hydroponic system on the market

How Does It Work?

The MEGAPot system works by suspending the roots of the plants or crops in coco and also comes equipped with a base that gives your plants stability and a safe environment to grow in. This differs from standard hydroponic systems as most roots are suspended directly in a nutrient-rich and perfectly balanced pH water.

How Is It Beneficial?

By adding elements into the usual gravity fed system we have improved how people use hydroponics to grow their plants and crops. With this, we have a number of benefits in which a MEGAPot system can offer. Some of these elements include the following:-

Produce Bigger Yields 

The main goal of a hydroponic grower is to produce bigger yields.By producing bigger yields the crops and plants that you grow are healthier and more beneficial depending on what you are looking to do with them next. By having full control over the growing phase you are able to ensure that during the key times your plants have the best chance to develop as they should do.

More Efficient 

The use of a pot underneath the grow bag allows any nutrients which are released from the growing phase to be collected and then recirculated. By being able to recirculate the nutrients you can therefore save money on how much you need to use. Our gravity fed system also means that no electricity is needed. This is another cost saving element.

Better Control Over Nutrients 

As with all hydroponic growing methods, the grower themselves has overall a better control over the nutrients delivered to the plants and crops. This is due to being able to test the pH more frequently and also more accurately. The nutrients that are delivered to the plants are key due to no soil being present, and also a limited amount of what is used. Check the nutrients on a daily basis to ensure that they are performing as they should be.

Full Control Over Elements 

Our hydroponic system is perfect for those that want to grow indoors. By growing indoors, it removes any of the outside elements such as temperature fluctuations and also the risk of germs and disease affecting the growing phase. During this phase plants and crops begin to develop their stems, leaves and also roots. That is why being able to ensure this development is of the highest level is vital to success.

To Conclude

MEGAPot has developed a hydroponic growing system that has changed how people use gravity fed systems. Understanding what is MEGAPot will show you exactly what we have done, and also how we have added numerous elements to make the growing process a lot better. At MEGAPot we have supplied our system to a number of people with great success. For more information please do Contact Us.