Why Should I Switch To Hydroponics?

With hydroponics becoming a very popular growing method, it is now also becoming the norm for many traditional growers to consider why they should switch. With a host of benefits, varying systems and differing grow mediums to choose from the possibilities are endless. At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing specialists with a keen focus on maximising our customers yields. In our latest article we explore why should I switch to hydroponics.

What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponic growing is the process of growing plants and crops without the use of soil. Instead soil is replaced by a growth medium which can be a multitude of substances. To house all of this, a hydroponic system is required. The differences between the systems are very small, however where they do differ is the way in which they deliver nutrients to the plants and crops which you are growing. 

At MEGAPot we have our very own system which we have built and constructed. Our system has been built with the grower in mind, and is suitable for those that are either beginner or intermediate growers.

Why Should You Switch To  Hydroponics?

Now we have an understanding of what hydroponics is, now we can look at some of the key reasons why you should switch to hydroponics. With it being such a growing trend, it is one in which does come with a host of benefits. Some of the reasons why you should switch to hydroponics include the following:-

You Are In Control 

The greatest thing about hydroponics is the fact that you are in control the whole way. By conducting your growing indoors you can affect the temperatures and settings in which your plants and crops are grown in. Nutrient delivery is also controlled by the grower. This is great to make sure that your plants and crops are receiving all they need during the growing phase. By also controlling this part of the process you can ensure plants and crops are not saturated or receive nutrients that are not of the right pH level.

Free Up Your Time 

Hydroponics are very much self sufficient and need very little maintenance once they are set up correctly. With the first few attempts you may find that you need to spend and dedicate a little more time. However, once you understand what you are doing you find yourself with a lot more free time. Systems are designed to make the growing process as prosperous as possible, so this is why many people decide to move their growing to this method.

Less Pests And Diseases 

Hydroponic growing is usually conducted inside. This means you are in full control over the elements and also limiting pests and diseases. By limiting the pests and diseases means that there is no need for pesticides. Pesticides do affect the growing phase of plants as they can have a profound effect on the pH of nutrients. Diseases can also have an affect on the growing phase of the plants as well.

Saves Water 

Yes you heard it here the use of hydroponics does in fact save water. Hydroponic systems are set up to utilise a reservoir. This reservoir is designed to catch any of the unused water after it has soaked through the growth medium. This then allows the grower to drain, capture and recirculate that the water or nutrients as they see fit. Ensure that you test the nutrients as sometimes the growth medium they pass through can affect the overall pH.

No Weeding 

As mentioned above most growing is done inside when it comes to hydroponics. This therefore also eliminates the weeding element of growing. By using a grow medium most weeds will not be attracted to this either. Just another way that a hydroponic system can help to save you a lot of time and maintenance in the long run.

Space Saving

With a hydroponic system you are actually able to save space. This is because most systems in the hydroponic world are compact and also have very limited parts. This therefore makes it the perfect companion for those that are limited to space. What hydroponics does not miss out on as well is the chance to upscale. Therefore if you find yourself with more space then you will be able to take advantage of this also.

To Conclude

Hydroponics is a growing method of crop and plant development. Why should I switch to hydroponics is asked regularly to us at MEGAPot, hence why we have decided to put together the following guide. At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing specialists with our very unique hydroponic system. For more information on our system and also how we can maximise your yields then please do Contact Us.