The Best Nutrients and Stimulants to Use With MEGAPot

Now that you have your MEGAPot in hand and you’ve decided to take the hydroponic cultivation route whilst scratching that green fingered itch you have. Then you’ll know that when growing hydroponically your plants won’t receive some nutritional requirements needed for its full potential. To realise that full potential we need to use nutrients and stimulants. Before you go any further it’s important that you know what the best nutrients and stimulants to use with MEGAPot. As well as what you’re supplying your plants and why. 

Now we’ll take you through a crash course through the world of hydroponic nutrients and stimulants then we’ll highlight some of the top nutrients and stimulants you can use to help you get the most out of your MegaPot today. 

Why Nutrients are Important for Hydroponics? 

All plants require 16 elements to successfully grow. Carbon, Oxygen. Hydrogen and Nitrogen are available to them via air and water. Hydroponic nutrients simply add those other 12 elements that are missing. 

The primary elements your plants need to thrive are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, these elements together will often be referred to as the N.P.K. The secondary nutrients Calcium, Magnesium and sulfur are also needed. Additionally your plants will require Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Molybdenum, Born, Chloride and Sodium as micronutrients. Hydroponic nutrients contain all of these elements which can be fed to your plant via the water in your hydroponic system

The 10 Best Nutrients and Stimulants to use 

1. BAC Bloom Stimulator

The BAC Bloom Stimulator is a stimulant designed especially for the flowering phase of growth. It allows you to assist with creating structure in your plants and producing large yields. The premium quality ingredients will help in the activation of beneficial microorganisms in your chosen growth medium. This in turn allows your plant to defend itself against various diseases.

This product also has the added benefit of clearing out your irrigation pipes, accelerating flowering and allowing your plant to absorb more nutrients from available in the soil. This product is 100% organic. 

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2. BAC Cocos Bloom

Coco Bloom is for those growers who are using coco coir. Plants grown in coco alone won’t get all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Adding Coco Bloom which is A liquid fertiliser will help give your plant the nutrients they need to go into a healthy flowering phase. A great source of minerals for plants during the flowering period. Works well with other stimulator products, known to have a positive effect on flower growth, yield and flavour. 

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3. BAC Cocos Grow

The BAC Cocos Grow is a nutrient designed for your plants growth period. During this time it’s important that your plant gets nutrients it needs to become big and strong. Growing in coco is highly beneficial due to how airy it is and how much water it can hold, however it needs a proper source of nutrients because the coco doesn’t contain any. Using BAC Coco Grow this will give your plant the nutrients it needs to grow and keep it healthy. 

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4. BAC Organic Bloom

A flowering fertiliser made up of 100% natural ingredients. Suitable for soil and coco grows but it’s not recommended for automatic watering systems. Combining the BAC Organic Bloom with other products in the rand can help the flowering phase and stimulate further growth. 

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5. BAC Organic Grow

A natural fertiliser for the vegatative stage. 100% natural design, use until flowering begins. Stimulates growth helping develop thick stalks and leaves thanks to the overall quality and quantity of this nutrient. Watering once a week with unfertilised water should be done once per week. This will help any unwanted nutrients to be diluted and absorbed in the most effective way possible. 

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6. BAC Root Stimulator

Highly concentrated root growth stimulator that will help against soil disease, increases root mass and has a cleansing effect on your drippers. 

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7. BAC PH Minus and Plus

Stabilise your pH levels in your water capillary with the BAC Minus and Plus solutions. You can increase or reduce the pH levels of your plants.

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8. BAC Plant Vitality Plus

A spray based plant protector that will help protect and even cure your plants from insect infestations. BAC Plant Vitality Plus can protect your plant from anything from mites to fungal attacks. Excellent for plants that have suffered from excessive stress in the past. Spraying your plants enables them to regain any lost energy and vitality. Meaning the rest of their life cycle can be healthy and strong. 

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9. BAC Foliar Spray

The BAC Foliar Spray strengthens your plant by stimulating the production of chlorophyll. Designed to strengthen your plant against unforeseen events like insect attacks, mites, pests and even fungal infestation. 

The Foliar Spray acts as a second skin and helps protect your plant from disease. 

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10. BAC Final Solution

The final solution cleans your plants roots, so when harvest rolls round your crop can reach its full potential. Creating enzymes that eliminate all waste matter, transforming them into new nutrients for your plant to absorb. This is a highly concentrated product which means you do not need to use high doses. 

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To Conclude: The Best Nutrients and Stimulants to Use With MEGAPot 

Whether you’re growing hydroponically or you’ve just purchased the MegaPot system, we hope this article helps you on your voyage of discovery when it comes to finding which are the best nutrients and stimulants to use in your hydroponic garden. 

If you have any questions or need help in regards to which nutrients and stimulants to use for your plants, feel free to get in touch with the team at MEGAPot. You can call us. Or fill out our contact form.