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Do I Need To Clean My Hydroponic System?

The process of cleaning your hydroponic system is relatively simple. It is the understanding of why you need to do this that takes time. Cleaning is vital to plant health, and being able to grow healthy crops and plants. In our latest article, MEGAPot answers the age old question of do I need to clean my hydroponic system.

Why Is Keeping Clean Important?

The health of your plants is a top priority, so is the cleanliness of the system in which they are being grown in. Ensuring that the system is running at its most effective and efficient manner to overall ensure plant and crop health. One of the main reasons as well to cleaning is to ensure that the environment they are being growing in is sterile. This will help to fight infection and disease within the plants.

What Areas Do I Need To Clean?

There are many parts to the conventional hydroponic system. Ensuring that they are all cleaned effectively is vital to the efficient running of your system. Some of the key areas that you should take notice of include the following:-

Remove Plants

Always remove your plants first. This will help when it comes to ensuring that there is no cross contamination, or exposure to chemicals which could affect their growing. If you are placing the plants into another solution, make sure it is the same growth medium and pH as before.

Walls and Work Surfaces

Use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water to wipe down all the walls and work surfaces. This is to ensure that no bacteria are left on these surfaces which could affect the plants.


Cleaning the lighting may sometimes be tough as it could be placed quite high. However, it is known that may lights attract bacteria which can affect your plants growth. Steralise them thoroughly and wipe them down without using glass cleaner as this could leave a smear. Overall affecting the bulbs ability to transmit light.

Air Intake Filters

Most systems will rely on fresh air for the growth of plants. However, how you get this air in will most likely be through a filter. Ensure to clean the filter once per month in order to ensure that it is running at its maximum capacity and efficiency. It is also advice that every 4-6 months you should change the filter as it will increase effective air intake.

The Do’s and Dont’s Of Cleaning 

When it comes to do I need to clean my hydroponic system, you need to be aware of what you can and cannot do. Being cautious when it comes to specific cleaning solutions and ways of cleaning is very important as it could have a detrimental effect on the crops or plants even after they have been placed back in the reservoir. Some of the do’s and dont’s you need to be aware of are as follows:-

Do Read The Label

Doing your research and knowing your solutions is all part of the cleaning process, therefore reading the label is very important. Taking 5 minutes to read that label, and understand it will help to know how to best use it as well as protect yourself from it.

Do Remain Safe During Cleaning 

Remaining safe during the cleaning process is vital. Specific chemicals you are using can have harmful reactions with your body if they are to come into contact. Wearing gloves is a must, as well safety glasses. Some solutions may be that harmful you need to consider what other PPE you are wearing in order to avoid any contact or irritation. 

Do Know Your Solutions 

Understanding the chemicals you use is very important. You need to know what it is you are using, its effects on the system and also how to be safe when using it. Take time to do your research into specific chemicals you would like to use and also their effects before using them on your reservoir.

Don’t Mix Chemicals 

It may not be intentional however, but it is key to make sure that you do not mix any chemicals when cleaning out your reservoir. This is for two reasons. Firstly, any leftover solutions in the system could have a harmful effect on the crops or plants once they are placed back into any solutions. Secondly, some solutions can cause damage to the reservoir itself. Combinations of chemicals may erode the pipework or even stop filters from working.

Don’t Use Concentrated Solutions

If you do consider adding anything to your system whilst the plants are still in the reservoir then do not add anything with a strong concentration. Understanding the chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and even vinegar or bleach, will mean knowing when you can and cannot use them.

To Conclude

A lot of people ask do I need to clean my hydroponic system, the short answer to this is yes. Cleaning of these reservoirs will ensure that they run at their maximum capacity, and are also needed to run at its most efficient level. At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing specialists with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. If you would like some more information on cleaning your hydroponic system then please do Contact Us.