How MEGAPot Helps To Increase Your Yields

Hydroponic systems are a great way for those looking at soil alternatives in which to grow a variety of crops and plants. With such popularity, there has been an increased amount of systems in which you can choose from. However, at MEGAPot we have designed and built a revolutionary hydroponic system which is great for beginner and intermediate growers. In our latest article we take an in-depth look at how MEGAPot helps to increase your yields.

How Can MEGAPot Help

MEGAPot is an intelligent growing solution which enables growers to produce overall better results. Our growing method has been specifically designed with the hydroponic grower in mind. Our system does not use soil, and instead the root system is supported with a growth medium such as coco, perlite, rockwool, peat moss or vermiculite. By using a growth medium, mixed with a concentrated amount of nutrients, growers are able to really control the growing phase. Which as we know is a key. 

The system in which we offer is scalable as well, so if you are looking to start small then progress on your sure can. Made up of very few parts, this system is great if you do not have a large amount of space in which to grow. Overall, our hydroponic system is effective and cost effective for those looking for an hydroponic option to grow their plants and crops.

What Products Do You Need?

Unlike many other growing systems the MEGAPot system uses very few parts. Which makes it overall a very cost effective and also space saving system. By simplifying the system, we work on the basis you have more time to work on your crops and plants that you are looking to grow. Some of the products that you need in order to use our system include the following:-

MEGAPot Module 

The MEGAPot module is great for those that are looking to use fabric pots in which to grow their crops in. The fabric pot will sit within this module which helps to collect any nutrient solution that is not taken in by the crops or plants.

Fabric Pot

The fabric pot is where your growing medium will sit and also your plants. By using a fabric pot you can ensure that nutrients are able to travel freely, as well as leave the system when they are not taken in. Also, as far as growing goes a fabric pot is relatively low cost.


Piping helps to increase the irrigation of the system and is useful for delivering nutrients to the plants as they sit within their grow bag and MEGAPot module.

MEGAPot Valve

The MEGAPot valve is required and is a durable accessory which is designed to allow the grower full control over how much nutrient is being transferred into the plants or crops. By controlling this level you can ensure plants receive enough but on the other hand not too much.

Why Would You Want To Increase Your Yields?

The idea of using our products is that we can help increase your overall growth yields. All growers want to increase their yields for a variety of reasons. By using our system we can guarantee that. Some of the ways how MEGAPot helps to increase your yields includes the following:-

Quicker Growth Time 

Our system has been proven to allow you to grow plants and crops at a faster rate than normal. This is due to having full control over the growing process, as well as being able to mix your plants with key growing mediums as well as nutrients. 

Healthier And Stronger Crops 

Alongside a quicker growing time it is possible to create a healthier and stronger crop. By growing hydroponically and also indoors means that you can limit the amount of exposure to virtually none when it comes to pesticides. Pesticides do affect pH of nutrients which can cause a lack of strength in the final product.

As well as limiting the exposure to pesticides by growing indoors, the use of hydroponics also allows growers to have better control over nutrient levels. Without any outside influencers, as long as growers check the level of nutrients regularly (daily) they can ensure plants are growing in the optimum environment.

More Efficient Growing 

Within a MEGAPot system, the use of reservoir tray ensures that nutrients that are not taken in by crops are deposited back into that tray for the grower to then use again. By being able to use nutrients again, you can ensure that it is more cost effective and less costly when growing. One thing to mention is to make sure that you retest the pH of the nutrients collected to ensure they are at the level they need to be. Some growing mediums do have the potential to change pH.

To Conclude

As growing specialists we are always keen to keep demonstrating how MEGAPot helps to increase your yields. Our revolutionary system has helped change how many people utilise hydroponics as their preferred growing method. The use of hydroponics is a great way to grow your plants and crops, to which we have seen many of our customers have great success. If you would like some more information on our products and how we can help transform your growing then please do Contact Us.