How to Increase Yields without Using Soil?

It’s easy to get confused if you are new to growing with hydroponics. Some growers find it really difficult to get started with hydroponics while chasing their ambitions of how to increase yields without using soil.

An increase in yield is ultimately not possible with all types of crops or plants. It depends on the genetic code of seed. Every seed has a different genetic code. This determines how they grow and respond to all climatic conditions. When it comes to growing high value crops, you’re going to want to increase your yield as much as physically possible.

Growers everywhere are experiencing a huge increase in their yields by using hydroponics systems like MEGAPot and we are here to expand your war chest with some fantastic tips on how to increase your yields when growing using hydroponics.

What is the Best Way to Increase Yields Without Using Soil?

No doubt, all hydroponics users want this. However, achieving greater yields and faster harvest is not an easy feat. It requires a significant amount of hard work, understanding, selection of right types of equipment and accurate analysis of the current growth situation of the plant. 

Enhance your gardening techniques by using these simple yet very effective ways to increase yields without using soil. 

1. Maintain a Growers Journal

First things first. To keep an accurate record of all the variables that go into your hydroponics system, you need to maintain a growers journal. With the help of this, you can quickly analyse what changes are leading to specific growth of plants whether they are growing or are at the same stage.

In the journal, it would help if you also mentioned what plants, what changes you have implemented that you know in which you have to change certain factors.

2. Be Careful With the Consumption of Water

This is one of the most valuable tips that you can get to increase yields without using soil. Over usage of water will rot the roots of your plants. And an inadequate supply of water will dry out the seeds, ultimately leading to lousy quality with low yields.

Therefore, you need to be very careful about the supply of water in each variety of plant. This tip will help in hydration of plants in the best way to increase yields of crops without using soil. Also, keep track of the growth of your plants right after every watering session. 

3. Make Use of Your Pruning Shears

Whenever you see any leaf or stem that appears useless or rotting, without taking a second prune it off. Anything you see that is robbing the yields, energy and nutrients of your valuable crops should be removed. The cleaner your plant looks, the more outstanding the yields will be. 

4. Pay Attention to Your Nutrient Solution Temperature

This is one of the parameters which is ignored by the majority of the people. Always remember to maintain the nutrient solution temperature between 65 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Or 18 degrees to 23 degrees celsius.

Too much above or below the recommended temperature range will ruin the quality of crops by not supplying them the proper nutrients that they need to produce more yields. 

5. Use a CO2 Generator Carefully

If you are a beginner in Hydroponics, we highly recommend not to use CO2 generators. Whereas, if you are an experienced gardener who knows what you are doing, then this method can increase the yield of crops without using soil dramatically.

However, a point to be noted, these CO2 generators can kill your crops. While using a CO2 generator, it is essential to increase the amount of light and nutrients to make sure your plants are receiving the perfect amount of these things.

Also, measure your atmospheric conditions very carefully. As these calculations will help in analyzing the number of other factors for better yields for your crops. Aa many plants can consume 1500 parts per million, assuming that all other conditions are optimized. 

To Conclude: How to Increase Yields without Using Soil?

At MEGAPot we want to help you increase your yields and we provide the best hydroponic system in the UK. With the help of these five tips, you will be able to increase yields of crops without using soil. You can produce the best quality yields for your crops.

During this article we have discussed how to increase yields without using soil. The tips are going to help you increase the amount of crops you can grow.