The Ultimate Guide to MegaPot’s Hydroponic System

Typically, the traditional way of gardening or farming involves sunlight, water and soil. However, if you use a hydroponic system this is not the case. The hydroponic system has revolutionised the farming and food industry. Let’s take a look at the ultimate guide to MEGAPot’s Hydroponic system and learn about what hydroponics are.

What is a Hydroponic System?

Hydroponic systems are easy to use. This means they are able to be used by people at home, or by large scale farmers. A hydroponic system is a method of growing plants using formulate, nutrient-rich water. The system uses water instead of soil. You can read more about how you can grow plants without using soil here.

How Does MEGAPot’s Hydroponic System Work?

MEGAPot’s system works simply by suspending the roots of the plants in coco. And it also comes equipped with a base that gives your plants stability and a safe environment to grow in.

This differs from standard hydroponic systems as most roots are suspended directly in a nutrient-rich and perfectly balanced pH water.

Benefits of Using MEGAPot’s Hydroponic System

Next to discuss in the ultimate guide to MEGAPot’s hydroponic system are the many benefits of using MEGAPot’s system. The system is simple to use and is accessible for anyone. Due to not needing much equipment for the system, you could use the hydroponic system at home in the correct conditions.

Compared to the traditional methods of plant growing, with the hydroponic system you are able to manage the nutrients. This ensures that the plants are getting what they need for fast growth.

Save Space

The system we provide can be made to the size you require. Some users of the MEGAPot system will only have a couple of the fabric pots for growing, but others might have more.

Typically, plants will need lots of growing room as their roots have to spread out to find the nutrients. However, in a hydroponic system you are providing them with the nutrients right away. This means that you can plant more in the same space.

This makes them compact and uses less space than growing plants on a field. Also, it means that you are able to use the system in a small place, like a small room or cupboard.

Bigger Yields

As more plants can be grown in small spaces with the hydroponic system, this makes bigger yields per square foot. Compared to growing your plants outside, not using a hydroponic system, to growing your plants indoors, using a MEGAPot hydroponic system – your yields are going to be a lot higher.

In addition to this, the plants are healthier and do grow faster. This means you can generate more produce quicker.

Less Chemicals

Whether you are growing your plants in a field or a hydroponic system, you are likely to have pest issues.

However, using a hydroponic system does lower the potential of this happening. If you have your system inside, pests find it harder to infiltrate the plants. This results in less need for pesticides and herbicides, so you are using less chemicals on your plants.

Grow Indoors

You can grow most plants indoors, with the correct conditions. The plants will not need fields, soil or authentic sunlight if you are using a hydroponic system. This makes it easy for the plant roots to soak up water quickly. As well as the required oxygen and nutrients. This will lead to strong, healthy growth for your plants.

Some benefits of growing indoors are:

  • Grow all year round
  • Temperate control
  • Climate control
  • Fewer pests, resulting in less chemicals

Why Should I Get MEGAPot’s Hydroponic System?

Now that you understand what hydroponics is and the benefits to our system, you can see why you should choose our system. We have the best hydroponics system in the UK. With our vast amount of experience over the years in this industry, we have taken the best parts of a variety of systems and made it into one.

There are many reasons why you should be using MEGAPot’s system to grow your plants, indoors or outdoors. Firstly, our system is one of a kind and enhance your yields for your plants. The higher your yields, the more plants you can produce in a given time.

Secondly, you can use our system indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t matter where you use our system, it will still work well and help grow your plants. Also, the revolutionary system we have developed utilises the use of gravity and inert growth mediums. Our system has been designed with a hydroponic grower in mind.

We are always on hand to help you with any questions or queries you have. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and a member of the team will help you out.

What’s Included in a MEGAPot Hydroponic System?

We have created a unique systems that is not only easy to construct but easy to operate. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower, you can use MEGAPot.

These are four main components to the MEGAPot hydroponic system:

  1. MEGAPot Module
  2. Fabric Pot
  3. White Pipe
  4. MEGAPot Valve

MEGAPot Module

The MEGAPot module is designed for the fabric pots to sit inside them. They act as a tray and catch any excess water and nutrients. You can then drain off and reuse the excess liquid to use again in the system.

Fabric Pot 

The Fabric Pot allows the roots of the plants to develop and grow as needed. They don’t constrict the roots, so they can take in all the nutrients. Also, the fabric pot allows the nutrients and water to move about freely.

White Pipe

The White Pipe ensures that when growing outside, that it doesn’t attract the sun. The water and nutrients passing through are then not affected. It is key to ensure that the water and nutrients are passed first to the plants, and then any excess is drained off.

MEGAPot Valve 

The MEGAPot valve is used to control the flow of water and nutrients. It is key to ensure that the plants are receiving the right amount during the growing process. Ensuring that you have an effective valve is key to our system set up.

To Conclude: The Ultimate Guide to MEGAPot’s Hydroponic System

MEGAPot’s Hydroponic System has been designed with growers in mind. With the correct level of care and attention, you are able to use the system for many benefits for your plants. Whether you are experienced or not, you can use our system to grow your plants.

We have the best hydroponic system in the UK and know if you use it correctly, that you can achieve even bigger yields. For more information on our products, system and system set up then please feel free to Contact Us.