Where Can You Purchase MEGAPot?

We’ve had a rampant year and moved over 50,000 units in such a short space of time which has blown us away. Blown away doesn’t cover it. To say that our sales of the The MEGAPot™ unit has exceeded our initial expectation, has shown us that the want for a product like ours in the marketplace is in HIGH demand. But where can you purchase MEGAPot?

What is MEGAPot?

The MEGAPot™ will give you those MEGA crops you crave, with our revolutionary intelligent gravity feed system designed with hydroponic growers in mind. So, no need for water pumps, plug sockets or soil. Instead your plant’s root system is supported using an inert medium such as coco, perlite, rockwool, play pellets, peat moss and vermic.

This method of growing allows the plants roots to have direct contact with the nutrient solution whilst having access to more oxygen, which will allow your plant to thrive and become the MEGAPlant of your dreams.

There’s no doubt that the MEGAPot™ is the best hydroponics system on the market and can enhance your yields and give you bigger crops.

For full information on MEGAPot™ please visit https://mega-pot.com/about/

Where Can You Get a MEGAPot System?

Now you know what The MEGAPot™ is, we’re going to highlight where you can purchase one for yourself. Here we’ll take through thirteen locations where you can purchase MEGAPot™.

Ashton Hydroponics

First established in 2009 Ashton Hydroponics is a highly customer focused company. With a friendly, family orientated team this Manchester based store with over 10,000 square feet of retail/storage space making it the Largest in the UK, would be a spectacular location to purchase your MEGAPot™ today.

Website : www.ashton-hydroponics.co.uk/

Seymour Green Hydroponics

With friendly staff and good prices Seymour Green is a Wolverhampton based Stockist of the MEGAPot™.

Prestwich Hydroponics

Prestwich Hydroponics is a customer focused company with a vision of grandeur, 3 miles away from Manchester City Centre would be an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase a MEGAPot™.

Website: https://www.prestwichhydroponics.co.uk/

GB Hydro

Located in the heart of Bradford GB HYDRO has a great website that’s easy to navigate, if you’d like to visit them click the link below.

Website: https://gbhydroponics.co.uk/

Archway Hydroponics

Safe, Secure, discreet and respectful this Manchester based company boasts to be the largest online Hydroponic store in the UK, so when it comes to your purchase of the MEGAPot™ you know you’ll be in safe hands, ask for Dave.

Website: https://archwayhorticulture.co.uk/

Gardeners Corner

The Staff at Gardeners Corner are passionate about Hydroponic gardening and that’s reflected in the amazing customer testimonials on their website. This store would be a great option for online shopping or a great choice for those in the Grimsby area.

Website: https://www.gardeners-corner.com/

City Hydroponics

With over 10 years experience in the Hydroponics industry this Leeds based company have become one of the market leaders. This company only supplies directly to the public, so they have the growers’ interest in mind, another excellent choice for those looking to purchase the MEGAPot™.

Website: https://www.leedshorticulture.co.uk/

Leeds Hydroponics

Another Leeds based Hydroponics shop, located in Silver Court, Intercity Way.

Website: https://leedshydroponics.com


This Peterborough based store boasts FREE shipping on all orders, so when it comes to choosing where to purchase MEGAPot™ you’ll be flying high with this company that was established in 2012.

Website: https://www.gtphydroponics.co.uk

Ahppy Hydro

Doncaster Based Ahppy Hydro may have a big gorilla as their logo, but, trust me when I say there’s no monkey-ing about when it comes to their love of hydroponics. They have a great range of products and friendly staff who are more than happy to guide you through your purchase.

Website: https://www.ahppyhydro.co.uk/ah/

Hull Hydroponics

Hull Hydroponics situated on Manchester street, Hull in Yorkshire are the largest stockist of Hydroponic equipment in the region. As can be seen by their six thousand ft superstore, also with competitive prices and friendly staff there would be no reason not to visit Hull Hydroponics when considering the purchase of a MEGAPot™ unit.

Website: https://hullhydroponics.co.uk

Hytec Hydroponics

With a sizable store, Hytec Hydroponics are a Sheffield based Hydroponics store with an excellent website. They have a price beating promise that’s hard to challenge.

Website: https://hytechydroponics.com

Acorn Horticulture

Open seven days a week Acorn Horticulture is somewhat of a one stop shop for all things hydroponic. With over seven thousand square feet, a large stock of all things hydroponic.

As well as helpful friendly staff who know what they’re talking about. Then you know there will be plenty to choose from to add to your purchase of MEGAPot™.

Website: https://acornhorticulture.com

Do you Want to Stock MEGAPot?

After reading about the ways that MEGAPot™ could help your customers achieve the hydroponic garden of their dreams by enhancing yields and crops. And you understand how the revolutionary intelligent design which enables growers to produce better results could potentially drive more traffic and potential sales for your website, brand or business. Then we’d like to hear from you.

Who to Contact

If you’d like to contact us in regard to either the purchasing or stocking of the MEGAPot™ then please follow the links below, we would love to hear from you.

General Queries: https://mega-pot.com/contact/

Marketing queries please contact us on: 01274 752 293

To Conclude: Where Can You Purchase MEGAPot?

As you can see for yourself we already have lots of places across the UK where you can purchase MEGAPot™.

And with over 50,000 units sold to date there’s only one question to be asked? When and where can you purchase your MEGAPot™ and start your journey to green fingered happiness.

We hope that we’ve managed to highlight some MEGAPot™ suppliers that will catch your eye. And guide your first steps into the world of hydroponic gardening.