Ebb and Flow vs MEGAPot Gravity Fed System

In this article, we’re putting Ebb and Flow head to head against the MEGAPot Gravity Fed system. We’re going to explain exactly what ebb and flow is. And how it may or may not benefit your growth in your indoor garden. Then we’re going to go over the MEGAPots Gravity fed system in the battle to end all hydroponic battles. Ebb and Flow vs MEGAPot Gravity Fed System.

If there can be only one, which is right for you? 

What is Ebb and Flow? 

Ebb and Flow, also known as the flood and drain method. Known for its simplicity, reliability, and initial low investment costs. Pots are filled with an inert medium, which doesn’t contribute to the nutrition of the plant, instead, the plant anchors the roots against the medium which creates a temporary reserve of water and solvent mineral nutrients which drain slowly from the system. 

Pots are placed in a growing tray, the growing tray sits above a reservoir of nutrient-rich water. This water is then pumped from the reservoir into the growing tray. There the water flows through holes in the pots to the roots of the plant. 

After this occurs, the water is then allowed to slowly drain back into the reservoir. This causes the roots to remain dry for a period and become oxygenated. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Ebb and Flow 


  • One Time Setup: One of the best things about an ebb and Flow system is that Once you’ve set everything up, it will pretty take care of itself. That one time set up can also sometimes end up being quite expensive when compared to other options on the market. 
  • Easy to Use: Although you may find a couple of hiccups along the way, ebb and flow is quite easy to maintain and will work in a mostly automatic way. The system requires very little technical knowledge to manage. 
  • Quiet: One of the major benefits of using an ebb and Flow system is how quiet the system runs, if nosey neighbours are a problem, ebb and flow may well be an excellent solution. 


  • Constant Monitoring: Although most elements of this method are automated, the ebb and flow system will need to be monitored. If something goes wrong then your whole crop could be ruined.
  • Root Diseases: Root Diseases and nutrient insufficiency can also easily take advantage of your crops if sanitation and maintenance are neglected. 

So, now we’ve taken a look at Ebb and flow and it’s taken its best shots at convincing us why we should use it. Now, join us as we take a look at the next competitor, a new challenger approaches…

…The MEGAPot Gravity fed system! 

What is the MEGAPot Gravity Fed System? 

The MEGAPot uses the greatest force known to man to feed its plants: gravity.

No more watering your plants like a chump. Instead, a large container of water is positioned above the plants and the nutritional solution is filtered through a network of ‘plumbing’. 

Water is delivered through to the base, then a capillary action draws the water up into the growing container, delivering the plant all the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of MEGAPot Gravity Fed System 


  • Spacesaver: The MEGAPot Gravity Fed System, is small and compact. However, it still packs a massive punch allowing the grower to utilise their space and location wisely. With its circular design, the MEGAPot allows growers to turn their plant allowing full control over how much light the plant receives. 
  • Power Free: Whilst electricity will definitely make an appearance in other parts of your grow room, the MEGAPot gravity fed system does not require electricity to operate. The gravity fed system allows the plant to be fed through a network of simple plumbing. 
  • Massive Crops: it’s something you hear a lot, but the MEGAPot Gravity fed system will really help give you bigger crops and higher yields in your garden. 
  • Accelerates Growth: Not only will the MEGAPot system help you achieve those bigger crops and massive yields because the plant isn’t wasting energy trying to expand its roots through the soil, but it can also use that energy growing.
  • Great Value: Now in today’s world, getting a great deal is highly important. At prices starting at £45, the MEGAPot is an excellent value for any budding green-fingered hydroponic gardener out there.
  • Easy to Use: One of the highlights of the MEGAPot hydroponic system is that literally, anyone could use it. From the youngest members of your family to the oldest all are able to use the MEGAPot. 
  • Best Hydroponics System: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. When it comes to hydroponic growing MEGAPot is simply the best hydroponics system on the market.


Obviously, all hydroponic methods of growing have their disadvantages. We’d be crazy to tell you otherwise. Although lots of the main elements of your grow room will be automated, your indoor garden still needs to be looked after and cared for. The MEGAPot gravity fed system is a great choice for ALL growers with all sizes of an indoor garden. 

Which One is Better? 

Now, we’ve been completed the exciting back and forth contest between Ebb and Flow vs MEGAPot Gravity System. It has become obvious that the MEGAPot gravity fed system is the clear winner. 

With this power free alternative casting knockout punch after knockout punch in this hydroponic battle royale. We’ve shown you how the MEGAPot system can make your grow room a champion ready to take on all challengers.

To Conclude: Ebb and Flow vs MEGAPot Gravity Fed System 

In this article, we’ve taken you through the advantages and disadvantages of Ebb and Flow vs MEGAPot gravity fed system. As well as how each product could make a difference to your grow room or indoor garden. In this case, the MEGAPot came out on top allowing the user lots of advantages over the ebb and flow or flood and drain method. 

If you have any questions or need help in regards to choosing your next MEGAPot purchase, feel free to get in touch with the team at MEGAPot. You can call us. Or fill out our contact form.