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10 Advantages Of Using Hydroponics You Should Know

The use of hydroponics is ever growing, and as an alternative to using soil it is one of the most popular. The transition away from the more conventional methods requires numerous pieces of research as well as an understanding of what is needed in order to be successful. At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing specialists. In our latest article we take you through the 10 advantages of using hydroponics you should know.

What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants and crops without the use of soil. Instead soil in the conventional growing method is replaced by a growth medium as well as a system. This growth medium is what the plants sit inside, and the system assists in the way in which they grow. As a scalable growing method it is very effective.

What Are The Advantages? 

The advantages of the use of hydroponics are very apparent once you start to look deeper into its methods. Understanding these advantages will give you a clearer understanding of why they are now used so frequently and also why it has become one of the most popular ways to grow your plants and crops. The 10 advantages of using hydroponics you should know include the following:-

No Soil Needed 

The whole idea of hydroponics is that you no longer need soil to grow the crops or plants. The soil within this system is instead replaced by a growth medium. Choosing a growth medium will be dependent on the plants or crops you are growing, as well as the system you choose. All of the mediums have various qualities and benefits, so it is well worth doing your research beforehand.

Better Use Of Space

Most hydroponic systems have the ability to be scaled up, as well as tailored to the location in which they are going to be used. This therefore means that no matter what space you have to utilise, you are able to find an effective growing method. They are also good for those that tend to change plants or have a larger space certain times of the year due to the ease in which they scale.

Climate Control 

Most hydroponic systems are constructed and used for indoor growing. By growing indoors you can have full control over the climate in which they grow in. With conventional methods most plants are grown outside which can have an affect on the growing phase at key points of the year. Maintaining a constant and accurate climate can have a big difference on the health and strength of what you produce.

Saves Water 

Hydroponics is great for when it comes to saving water. This is for two main reasons. Firstly, as solutions are delivered directly into the roots, there is no need for them to be saturated to enable them to take in what they need. Secondly, and most important is the fact that they use a reservoir to collect water. The wasted water is collected and then redistributed back around the system.

Better Use Of Nutrients 

When plants are grown in soil, the nutrients used will tend to seep into the soil and then run away. If the roots are not developed enough then a plant may miss out on what it requires. With hydroponics however this is not the case. Most systems allow the nutrients to be directly applied to the root itself, meaning it is more effective. Which inturn means that not as much nutrient solution is required. 

What also makes hydroponics unique is the way in which a reservoir is utilised. By utilising this you are able to catch any wastage that is not taken in by the plants. This can then be recycled, tested against correct pH levels and recirculated back into the system.

pH Control 

The pH of the nutrients you put into your crops and plants as well as the solution itself is a large concern for most growers. The wrong pH can have an adverse effect on the growing process. Therefore it is important to have this correct. With hydroponics this is very easy as you are able to test directly into the system. As most systems tend to be smaller and more compact you can ensure what is being delivered into the plants is correct.

Better Growth Rate 

Hydroponic systems allow nutrients to be delivered directly to the roots without them needing to search out for it. This is what makes growing with this method unique, in the way in which the plants are able to grow their roots freely. Having a full control over the growing phase with nutrients as well, you can ensure the healthiness of plants.

No Weeds 

No soil means no weeds, it is that simple. Weeds will no longer have a place in which to grow and entangle themselves with your crops or plants. Making this a very low maintenance way in which to grow. 


Fewer Pests And Diseases

Growing inside does have its benefits. With the outside elements, plants and crops are always subjected to a variety of pests and diseases. Yes, this can be negated by pesticides however this can sometimes affect the growth of plants. Eliminating the use of pesticides in that case is beneficial, allowing the plants or crops to grow healthy.

To Conclude

Looking at the 10 advantages of using hydroponics you should know will give you a better understanding of why you should consider using this method. More and more people find themselves using it as a way to build healthier crops and plants, and with many other benefits including scalability it is perfect for a variety of people. To find out more about the products and services we offer at MEGAPot please do Contact Us.