5 Reasons To Grow Using Hydroponics by MEGAPot

5 Reasons To Grow Using Hydroponics

When it comes to the use of Hydroponics, it is one area that has seen a rapid increase in use and also popularity. Using hydroponics as a growing method is also now widely available to the seasoned grower, as well as those who are new to this process. At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing experts who have a wealth of knowledge in this industry. With that being said, we have comprised the following guide that focuses on the 5 reasons to grow using hydroponics. 

What Are Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants and crops without the use of soil. Instead the grower will focus on the need to give the plant the necessary nutrients, and will replace the soil with a growth medium. There are many benefits to growing plants this way, and is also becoming one of the most popular avenues to explore.

Why Should You Use Hydroponics

Understanding what hydroponics are and also the reasons why you should use them is all part of the learning process. This process will take you on a journey to reinvent the way you grow your crops and plants. Below you will see some of the common reasons users choose this as their preferred growing method.

Space Saving 

The use of a hydroponic system allows you to save an incredible amount of space compared to its soil counterpart. When growing with soil, you will need to allow for adequate space in order for the plant’s roots to grow and develop to take in nutrients. This is not the case with hydroponic growing, as you are able to deliver nutrients directly to the plant. 

The use of hydroponics and the way in which you are able to pass nutrients to the plants as mentioned above, also means you can pack the plants closer together within the growing process. Therefore eliminating the need for large growing space. It has been quoted by industry leading experts that it can take up to around 50% less land to grow hydroponically than with the usual methods. 

More efficient water use 

In a conventional soil grown system most of the water that is used will drip out of the trays or bottom of the plants to be collected as a waste product, with only a small amount actually being used. With hydroponics this is most certainly not the case. 

Many of the systems in which you will find on the market, allow the water to be collected in an end tray, then re-circulated in order to be used again during the process. This therefore allows the plants a chance to use only the water in which they need, without the unnecessary waste. Always be mindful however to test the pH of the water once it has been recirculated as some growth mediums can affect it.

Can be grown anywhere 

No matter the location hydroponic growing can take place. This is mostly due to the fact it is done inside, and the grower themselves has complete control over the process. By growing inside you are longer having to worry about the outside elements as well as plants or crops not receiving the right nutrients. Growing indoors allows the grower to control everything from light, room temperature, nutrients and even growing location.

Faster and greater yields 

It is reported that growing your plants or crops with a hydroponic method can speed up the growth by around 30%. This is largely due to the way in which the plants are delivered their nutrients as well as the ideal solutions that can be created. By having full control over what your crops and plants receive, the pH levels as well as amounts, you can really dictate the growth period and also process. 

Delivering the nutrients by a continuous flow is one of the areas in which hydroponics stands out. As the continuous flow is also delivered directly to the plants, the plants are able to save their energy as there is no need to search for what they need in the soil. 

Total control

As many of the points above allude to, you are in a position where you can have full control over the growing process. This will mean anything from light, nutrients, pH levels and also growing conditions. By being able to establish a really good growing network, you can almost guarantee success all of the time.

To Conclude 

The 5 reasons to grow using hydroponics gives you a very good understanding of why it has become such a popular method of growing. By being able to control many elements in the process, as well as where you grow, the potential returns on an investment of time are very much beneficial. At MEGAPot we specialise in hydroponic growing as well as offering many market leading products. For more information on the process, or the products we utilise please do Contact Us.