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7 Reasons To Choose Hydroponics Over Soil

With the growing of plants and crops moving to a present day method in hydroponics, soil based growing seems to be a distant memory. With hydroponics, there are a number of elements that need to be understood and researched beforehand in order to be successful. At MEGAPot we are advocates of hydroponic growing methods and with our industry knowledge we have helped many be successful. Within our latest article we take a look at 7 reasons to choose hydroponics over soil.

What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of growing crops and plants without the use of soil. Instead growing is based around the use of a growth medium and a system. Both of these are integral parts of the growing process, with the need to get the medium right in order to be successful. Without using soil, roots are able to spread wider enabling them to take on more nutrients. Which in this case is delivered by the grower.

Why Should You Use It?

There is a varied argument for the reasons why you should and should not use hydroponics. However, it does all come down to personal preference. But what you will find, is that a lot of people who have tried it have also realised how beneficial it can be not just financially but also due to the strength of the crops/plants that you can grow. The 7 reasons to choose hydroponics over soil include the following:- 

Faster Results 

Hydroponics is the focus of growing without soil. But it is also focused around nutrient delivery, and the use of no soil allows the roots within plants to grow wider and bigger. By allowing better root growth and distribution, you can add more nutrients. This nutrient then helps plant growth and development to continue. It is reported that hydroponics can give around 30% more growth than soil based equivalents. 

Chemical Free 

By growing inside, which most hydroponic gardeners do, you are able to eliminate the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Controlling the outside elements ensures that diseases and pests are not present within your system. There is a level of maintenance that you need to ensure happens, but if you do do this, then you are more than likely to never have an issue.

Space Saving 

Being able to control the size of the system you use allows you to limit the space that you require. With space becoming costly, you are still able to grow multiple plants and crops, but within a more confined space. Using a vertical growing system, also allows many rows of plants to be grown at the same time. 

Full Control 

Control over growing conditions, nutrients and also size of system are all benefits that cannot be matched with soil based growing. By removing issues with colder elements, having full control over what nutrients you use as well as pH levels you can ensure that plants grow as they need to. Having full control therefore is linked closely to producing better yields. 

Water Saving 

The water saving aspect as well as efficiency is also very beneficial when it comes to the use of hydroponics. Most systems do require a lot of water as most choose to use large systems. However, the way in which it is used means that once this large amount is added, it lasts for a long time with virtually no wastage. Most systems will have a reservoir. This reservoir collects all of the wasted water, and then is pumped back around the system.

Grow Local 

With hydroponics you are able to grow even closer to your home, or for some within their home. The systems that are used within this process have the benefits of being able to scale and grow a vast array of plants/crops. With space also coming at a premium it can help to keep costs low by growing locally to your home.

Better Yields 

It is reported due to many of the features above that those who grow using hydroponic processes are able to produce an overall better yield. This is mainly due to having control over many of the elements which you do not have with soil based growing. As well as being able to be more selective with growing location and also medium plants/crops are grown within.

To Conclude 

The benefits of using hydroponics are very clear to see, and it is also understandable why many people are adopting it as a positive alternative to soil based growing. The 7 reasons to choose hydroponics over soil highlight the exact reasons why it is becoming more popular. At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing specialists with a vast amount of knowledge on products and growing methods within our industry. If you would like some more information on what you purchase to benefit your growing then please do Contact Us.