The Essential Elements When Growing Hydroponically by MEGAPOT

The Essential Elements When Growing Hydroponically

As with all systems that you can grow in, you need to understand what are the essentials that make that system work to be beneficial for you. Hydroponics is no different and there are some essential elements that you need to make sure are included. At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing specialists. In our latest article we look at what are the essential elements when growing hydroponically. 

What Is Hydroponic Growing?

Hydroponic Gardening is the process of growing plants and crops without the use of soil. This growing method has seen a dramatic increase in recent years due to many factors such as space and also cost. Growing hydroponically is a great way to really keep an eye on the crops and plants you are growing, and also being able to control the overall process.

The use of hydroponics is also great due to the vast array of options in which you can choose from. By having multiple growing mediums and also systems you are able to choose exactly what is best for your plants or crops to ensure they have the best chance to grow fully and healthy.

What Do I Need

As with all growing processes it is important to understand what equipment you are going to require. Having this understanding will allow you to assess the space, and also the cost of what you are going to need and where you will be best to set this up. Some of the standard equipment that you require includes the following:-

Growth Lights

Growing hydroponically and also indoors requires indoor lighting which resembles that of the sun. There are different lighting solutions you can choose, and these will be dependent on the type of system in which you choose. However, having a full spectrum of light is a must. Your plants will also determine what lighting you need so ensure that you do your research beforehand.

A System 

One of the essential elements when growing hydroponically is the system. In order to grow your plants you need to have a system in which to grow them in. This is very important for the plants as the specific type of system you need will be based around size of the area, cost and also the plants you are going to be growing. Understanding the various types of system therefore is key to success and should not be overlooked.


Nutrient Solutions

Choosing the right nutrient solution is vital to the plant’s health and also growth. Having the right nutrients and also balances for your plants can be the determining factor of success and failure. The solution is just water and the nutrient mixed together which is then delivered to the plants via the growth medium. 

When choosing nutrients it is advised that you look at using a hydroponic specific one. This is due to it having the right levels for hydroponic growing as well as avoiding unnecessary toxic levels for your plants. Check the pH of your plants regularly to ensure that they are running at the right levels, and be even more careful within hot climates.

Growth Medium 

The growth medium within a system is what replaces the soil. Therefore it is a vital part of the process. There are many different growth mediums that you can use, and you will need to select one based on a number of factors. The purpose of the growth medium is to hold and support the nutrients within the system so they can best service the plants and crops. 


The pump in a hydroponic system serves the purpose of pumping the water away from the reservoir. Its key focus is actually to add oxygen to the water which therefore will stop the overall build up of algae in the pipes and also the system. All hydroponic systems will require a pump for the benefit of the process, and its overall working must be checked regularly. If there is a fault this can seriously harm the growing phase of the plants.

Grow Tray

A grow tray serves the purpose of holding the plants. The plants within a hydroponic system are placed within these to ensure that they are not subjected to too much of the nutrients. They are also commonly called a grow chamber as well. Most of these pots are used for small scale cultivation as that can take up a fair amount of space dependant on what you are growing. 

To Conclude

When you are looking to grow with this method it is always beneficial to look at what are the essential elements when growing hydroponically. This will give you a great insight to make sure when you are building your new system that you have all of the parts in which you need to be successful. At MEGAPot we are specialists in the hydroponic growing space with a vast array of products on our website. If you would like more information about our products and services then please do feel free to Contact Us.