What Are Hydroponic Systems? - by MEGAPot

What Are Hydroponic Systems?

When it comes to gardening outside of the usual conventional methods, then you need to consider using hydroponics. Hydroponics is the latest garden sensation which can ebale those without adequate space or even access to soil to still grow healthy and stable crops or plants. With this becoming so popular, those who are new to the world of growing without soil are asking what are hydroponic systems? In this article we take a look at this question. 

What Are Hydroponics?

Hydropnics is the growing of plants without the use of soil. By eliminating soil you are reliant on a growth media which helps to use all of the nutrients that the plants or crops need to grow healthy and strong. With hydroponics not using soil, there is also maximum space for the plant’s roots to grow. In soil, plant roots are restricted with their growth, this is not the case with hydroponics. And the nutrients they need are directly in contact with the root as it grows. 

Hows Does Hydroponics Work 

Hydroponic growing works by allowing close control over the environmental factors during the growing phase of your plants from temperature to pH of nutrients. By using this type of growing method you do really have full control. Unlike you would if growing was taking place in outside elements.

By being able to control the environment in which the plant grows you are able to reduce any risk factors. Pests and diseases are limited, as well as not being able to give the plant or crops correct sunlight or nutrients. Without any of these obstacles, plants and crops are allowed to grow freely to create better quality. 

What Are The Components Of A System?

When it comes to use of hydroponics there are many components that make up a system which you need to use. Some of these are necessary for the specific systems that you use, and most will be included. Some of the components that you need to be aware of are as follows:-

  • Growth Medium

The growth medium within the growing process is effectively the replacement for soil, however it does not provide any nutrients to the plant itself. This is done through a separate solution. The media itself is actually used as a way to store the nutrients so that it can be continuously fed into the plant. 

It is important that when choosing a growth media that you do pick one that is pH neutral. Most are, but make sure this is the case as it can have an effect on the nutrient balance within the solution. There are a range in which you can choose from and some will suit various hydroponic systems or very specific. However they are easy to purchase and readily available online.

  • Air Stones and Air Pumps

It is common for plants to drown if the water in which they are submerged in is not suffciently aerated. This is where air stones come into play. Air stones disperse tiny bubbles of dissolved oxygen through your nutrient reservoir. This helps to evenly distribute the nutrients within the solutions. 

Air stones do not work by themselves and are always accompanied by an air pump. The air pump is connected by piping to enable the oxygen to be generated and cirucluated around the reservoir.

  • Net Pots 

Net Pots are mesh planters that hold hydroponic plants. The material allows the roots to grow out of the bottom and side of the pot. This, unlike with soil, allows the roots to spread better to take on more water and nutrients. This is why the use of hydroponics is linked with a faster and better growing of plants and crops.

To Conclude

When it comes to utilising the methods of hydroponics it is always good to consider their specific uses and systems associated. What are hydroponic systems is a question asked regularly. In the article above should give you a basic understanding of what it entails and what you will need. At MEGAPot we are specialists in hydroponic growing methods and our range is ideal for those that are just starting out. For more information on our product range please do Contact Us.