What Are The Advantages Of Hydroponics? by MEGAPOT

What Are The Advantages Of Hydroponics?

If you are considering using hydroponics for the growing of crops and plants then you may want to look at the advantages of it over the conventional methods which are more commonly used. Hydroponics have become very popular, with more and more people using them. In this article we look at what are the advantages of hydroponics.

What Are Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a type of horticulture and a subset of hydrocultute, which is a method of growing plants without the use of soil. But instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent as a replacement.

What Are The Advantages 

When it comes to using hydroponics there are many advantages over the conventional growing methods that are used regularly. The switch to hydroponics is becoming more and more popular. Some of the key advantages you should be aware of are as follows:-

Better Space Allocation 

Hydroponic growing methods are great if you are looking to save space, or want to ensure you maximise the space in which you have. Normally a hydroponic system will take up around 20% less space than those that are growing with soil. Therefore more practical if you are limited to space. 

The main reason this is possible is due to the rooting. When grown in soil, plants need space to spread their roots out in order to gain water and nutrients. Hydroponics however mean you can feed the plant directly with the nutrients and water it needs. Therefore meaning roots become more compact.

No Need For Soil

As mentioned above, growing with hydroponics means that you are not going to need soil. There are many benefits to this, and moving away from conventional methods can help. Most plants will require a specific soil type which may be hard to get, or even expensive. Hydroponic plants eliminate this, and only ensure your focus is on nutrients. 

Hydroponics are also great for those that find it hard to source or find high quality soil. By eliminating the need for this during the growing process it does solve a multitude of issues.

Saves Water

Due to the hydroponic system, plants are able to grow with just a basic range of 5-10% of those plants that are growing in the soil equivalent. The way in which most systems are set up means that any water which is perceived as waste is captured into a seperate container. This is then refiltered round to the plants to limit any waste. 

Another way in which it saves water is due to its ability to condense vapour in the air. This then can be used to water the plants as an when needed and acts as a continuous flow.

Climate Control

A hydroponic environment can be completely controlled. This means that if your plants require more or less heat you are able to give them an adequate amount. Resulting in the ability to grow more crops and also better quality regardless of the outside elements.

More Control Over pH

pH leves of plants are usually overlooked, but do have a significant effect on the growth and strength of the final product. Unlike in soil, all of the nutrients for hydroponics is contained in the growing solutions. This means you can put exact amounts of whatever you need to ensure you get the results you want. Having the wrong pH can impact the plants ability to also take on key nutrients.

Less Likely For Pests & Diseases

Pests and diseaes are very time consuming for growers to remove. The soil borne pests that may ruin your last crop are removed as hydroponics do not rely on soil. As well as growing internally, this ensures that your crops are not presented to outdoor elements.

The environments that you create are fully controlled by you. This ensures growth, and the likelihood of anything affecting that is dramatically reduced.

Less Labour 

There are a larger amount of set up costs related to the use of hydroponic systems, but where this will benefit most is later on due to less labour that needs to be carried out. Being able to cultivate and harvest your plants and crops is also reduced, so in terms of time you will see a significant saving.

To Conclude

The use of hydroponics is increasing. Looking at what are the advantages of using hydroponics you can see why. Moving away from conventional growing methods may not be for everyone, however it may be worth a look if you want something that is easier to manage. At MEGAPot we stock a range of products to suit your hydroponic needs, and if you would like some more information then please feel free to Contact Us.