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What Do I Need To Build An Hydroponic Drip System

The use of hydroponics is increasing. This therefore means that the types of systems and also products are developing to meet a variety of different needs. A drip system is one of the most popular ways of working and sees a large number of people investing in it. At MEGAPot we are specialists in the world of hydroponics. In our latest article we take a look at what do I need to build an Hydroponic Drip System.

What Is The Drip Irrigation System

A drip system is an active hydroponic system which means that it uses a pump to feed your plants on a regular basis. There is a trickle effect which means that it will emit small amounts of nutrients directly onto your plants. This system is particularly useful if you are looking for something that is more efficient when it comes to the use of water.

Having a full control over the amount of water that can enter the system is also very beneficial for controlling the growing process. This enables you to react to the plants to ensure they always have what they need. 

How Does The Drip System Work

A drip system works in a very unique way unlike its other system counterparts. All of the plants in this system are potted individually and connected to the reservoir via a tubing system. The tubing system acts as a way to push nutrients and solutions to the plants during their growing phase. Giving you a greater control over what the plants receive.

Each plant within the system will get a separate drip emitter which allows you to control the flow of water to that specific plant. This adds to the versatility of the system as more control is placed in the hands of the grower if he or she feels a plant needs more solution. 

Out of all of the systems in the hydroponic setup, this is the one that needs much more attention. If the system is left uncontrolled then the drip system will eventually flood the plants or crops over a period of time. This is why it is imperative that you plan what plants you are growing and how much solution they are going to need.

Variations Of The Drip System 

When it comes to selecting a drip system there are a few options that you can look at. They are all very similar, however some may be better suited to your set up than others. Some of the options that you have to look at include:-

Recirculating/Recovery Systems 

When you add water to an hydroponic medium not all of it is absorbed. In a recovery system the excess solution is recovered and flowed back into the reservoir. As it goes, this system is very popular for those in smaller spaces or growing at home. Overall it is a very water efficient system. 

You do have to be very mindful of this system however. When the nutrients level passes through the medium and back into the reservoir the pH level can change. This is usually caused by the growth medium itself. Ensure that you check the pH levels before adding it back to the plants as if this is incorrect, it can cause issues with the growing process.

Non-Recirculating/Non-Recovery Systems 

As the name suggests and the complete opposite to a recovery system, this hydroponic system allows any excess water to run off into waste. The scale of wastage however is somewhat smaller, as the drip emitter in the plants is not running at full capacity. Unlike the other method, this system is very popular with large hydroponic growers. Mainly due to the fact they have the budget to afford sophisticated timers which allow full control over the hydroponic system.

What Do I Need

When it comes to setting up a hydroponic drip system there are some essential items that you need. The great thing about this type of system is that it can scale very well if needs be, therefore is great for those who want to grow more than normal. When considering what do I need to build an hydroponic drip system you need to look at the following:-

  • Drip Emitters – An emitter is required for each plant in which you buy. Therefore the more plants the more emitters that you need.
  • Thin Tubing – A thin piece of tubing can be used as a drip emitter.
  • PVC Tubing – The PVC tubing is used as the main line between plants and carrying nutrients around the system. Dependant on size of system will depend on how much tubing you need to buy.
  • Water Pump – The pump in this system is required to move the water around the system.
  • A Tray – Using one tray is ideal to ensure that all drain off points run into the same area to limit the need for multiple trays.
  • Growing Medium – The growth medium is a standard piece of equipment in a hydroponic system. Most commonly in this system you will use coco air.
  • Reservoir – A reservoir will hold all of the necessary solutions prior to them being run around the system.
  • Small Pots – Somewhere for the plants to sit when part of the system.

To Conclude

When it comes to looking at what do I need to build an Hydroponic drip system it is worth knowing the variety of types and equipment you are going to need. As with all growing, preparation is key. You need to ensure you are ready to adapt at any point. At MEGAPot we are hydroponic growing specialists with a number of years within the industry. For more information on our products, as well as our offerings then please do Contact Us.