Growing A Year Round Hydroponic Garden by MEGAPOT

Growing A Year Round Hydroponic Garden

The use of alternative growing methods is increasing. Those who are experienced growers are experimenting with the use of Hydroponics. Hydroponic growing has become even more popular and therefore is one of the most used growing methods there is today. There are a range of benefits, however one of the main ones is growing a year round hydroponic garden. In this article we look at just that.

What Are Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the growing of plants without the use of soil. Less conventional options are becoming increasingly more popular due to many factors. Hydroponics does have a host of benefits including the control of the elements in which your plant is grown, ability to grow stronger plants and also being able to expose plants directly to nutrients.

Choosing Your System

Choosing the system in which you are going to and wanting to use is important. What you choose will come down to experience level, cost and also space. Most of the systems are very similar but do differ in some ways. Some of the systems you can choose from include:-

Wick System 

The wick system is by far the most popular and most common system on the market. It is easy to assemble and also widely available. Plants are placed into the solution to allow maximum exposure of the root.

Water Culture

The water culture system is the most simplistic of all the systems. The root of the plant is placed directly into the nutrient rich solution. There is also a pump involved in the process to ensure adequate oxygen is also pumped to the plants.

Ebb & Flow 

Ebb and Flow systems are used amongst most home gardeners. This system utilises a growth medium and involves plants being placed into the spacious bed. This bed then allows the roots to grow freely. The nutrient solution then sits a couple of inches below the top layer. This ensures no overflow.


The drip system is one of the easiest systems to utilise and is perfect for those who change plants often. This is because it can be scaled to what you require. In this system there are controls that pump nutrient solution onto the plants base. 

N.F.T. (Nutrient Film Technology)

N.F.T Systems require more room than the other systems due to the reservoir which is required. Plants are placed into the reservoir whilst nutrients are pumped directly onto the root.


Aeroponic systems are easy to use and understand however the construction can sometimes be difficult. An aeroponic system involves suspending plants in the air and installing mist nozzles. This enables plants to be exposed to oxygen easier and also nutrients.

Can I Create An Indoor Grow Room?

The simple answer is yes you can. How complex or big will be solely dictated by the money in which you put into it. If you do not have a greenhouse to operate from then you can always set one up in the attic, spare room or even basement. The room however needs to be of a size where you can easily control the temperature. 

When looking to choose or create a grow room you need to also ensure the space. Make sure there is adequate space for your system and also room for you to be able to carry out essential maintenance. Also remember that the room indoors does not mean no pests or diseases. So ensure that the room is clean and hygienic to enable successful growing.

What About Lighting And Temperature?

Regardless of what system you use when it comes to hydroponic growing you are going to need to add light. Especially if you are growing indoors. All plants will require different 

light levels depending on where they are in the growing process. But as a rule of thumb most plants require around 6 hours of darkness per 24 hours.

As mentioned above, when choosing where to grow your plants and crops you also need to ensure you can control the temperature. The temperature should mimic the environment in which thet would grow outdoors. Ensure that you have ventilation and also air circulation to aid oxygen as well as temperature.

Advantages Of Growing Hydroponically

When it comes to growing your plants hydroponically there are a number of advantages attached. These advantages include the following:-

  • Roots are exposed to nutrient solutions to enable larger growth 
  • Crops and plants do not needed masses of space
  • Growers have control over the growing environment
  • Can produce crops and plants year round
  • Hydroponics uses considerably less water

There are numerous amounts of advanatges to moving away from conventional methods. It is always advised to do your research as the plants or crops in which you grow may or may be suited to this growing method.

To Conclude

When it comes to starting with hydroponics you need to do your research. However, what is possible is growing a year round hydroponic garden. By having full control of the growing process and control over nutrients you can control how your plants or crops grow and develop. At MEGAPot we are speacilsits in hydroponic growing methods. Our product range is extensive to support all of your needs. For more information please feel free to Contact Us.