Which Hydroponics System Should I Use?

As the hydroponic method of agriculture is gaining popularity rapidly, it is successfully catering to the increasing need for more sustainable commercial farming. Imagine the number of benefits we can enjoy when we don’t need soil to grow plants. As hydroponics does not need soil for cultivating plants, the need for pesticide decreases which results in cleaner produce. In other words, this system fosters rapid growth, stronger yields, and superior quality. Out of the many options available, using the best hydroponics system can impact your plant’s growth greatly. So, let’s take a look at the best one out there in the market:

Ebb and Flow Systems

Ebb and flow systems are one of the most famous growing methods. This system encourages quick and vigorous growth of plants as it supplies plenty of oxygen and nutrition. Moreover, one can customize this system easily and due to its versatility. This is so because one can fill the grow bed with an assortment of net pots and a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The advantages of this system are:

  • It allows experimenting with plants more than any other hydroponic system.
  • It offers a bountiful yield as crops respond well to ebb and flow hydroponics. 
  • There are several ways of constructing your own ebb and flow hydroponic system at home, so the possibilities are endless.

Drip Systems

Drip systems are another popular method of hydroponics which commercial growers use a lot. They can be individual plants or massive irrigation operations. As it supports much larger plants compared to most of the hydroponic systems, you will get a variety of plant options. The advantages of this system are:

  • It supports large-scale hydroponics operations easily. If you wish to add more plants, you can do so by connecting a new tubing to a reservoir and diverting the solution to the new vegetation.
  • Introducing new crops is to an existing drip system benefits greatly.
  • Consequently, scalability makes it popular for commercial hydroponics.

Wick Systems 

While the speed of wick systems is not that fast compared to other systems, it does not take away the fact that it is one of the best hydroponics systems in the market. It is essential to have at least one wick running from the reservoir for every plant in the growing tray. Further, one must place them close to the plant’s root system. The advantages of this system are:

  • The simplicity of a wick system is what attracts most people.
  • It does not demand too much attention after it is running. Moreover, they are unobtrusive so you can install them anywhere.
  • With no requirement of electricity to run, it is a good choice for beginners and educators.

Deep Water Culture Systems 

Deep water culture systems (DWC system) are amongst the easiest and most famous methods of hydroponics. It dangles net pots holding plants over a deep reservoir of oxygen-rich nutrient solution. Thus, it is also called the purest form of hydroponics. The advantages of this system are:

  • It is easy to assemble this system without any expensive hydroponics equipment. Anyone can make it easily at home at an affordable cost.
  • After setting it up, this system does not require much maintenance also.
  • The nutrient solution just needs replenishment to ensure the pump is running oxygen to the air stone.

Nutrient Film Technique Systems

Nutrient film technique systems (NFT) are another popular commercial system. The reason being their ability to support several plants per channel. This system works best for lightweight plants and fruits. The advantages of this system are:

  • The low consumption of water or nutrients. It is because NFT recirculates the water. 
  • Further, no requirement of growing media saves the expense and hassle of buying and replacing it.
  • Their modular design makes them a desired option for large-scale commercial endeavours. Once the channel is set up and starts functioning, it is easy to expand.


Thus, you see that when you choose from the list of best hydroponics systems, it is important to keep in mind the specific uses and requirements. MEGAPot helps you with this by providing adequate information and high-quality products. Our team of experts in hydroponic growing methods offers assistance to our customers whenever needed. Similarly, our product range is well-suited for beginners as well as intermediate growers. For more information, feel free to Contact Us!